Gita Suresh Haria


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I was born in Nairobi. At the age of 18, I immigrated to UK in 1973 with my family and settled in Leicester. I also taught Shorthand in Nairobi for a few months after finishing my Secretarial Course.  I was working as a secretary for a few years. I got married and moved to London.  In 1980 we moved to Northampton and started a family business. After the close of business started working as an office clerk. Worked part-time as an Office Assistant.   I was working at Nationwide Building Society in the Member Service Department with the PPI Team I trained new staff for the elementary level of this project. I am also a Pranic Healer (energy healer) since 2006 which is my passion now to serve communities and help as much I can.
Vision for Oshwal Oshwal Community has progressed very well throughout the whole world. Especially a lot has been achieved in United Kingdom. There are lots more things to do and achieve as one united Community. “Ahimsa” is the way forward. I am sure our future is very very bright as we have got lots of talented members in our Community.  The most important factor is that we encourage the youngsters to come forward to serving the community, finding their most important aim in life which they can achieve and be very successful in all aspects of life. The message to pass through the whole community that if we join forces and work together to achieve goals as a whole “one” community then there is a sense of belonging experienced. We need this vision in Northamptonshire Area as well to be narrated to the members.