Irene Marjorie Shah


Role within Committee
EC Trustee and Luton Area Chairperson
Personal Bio
Prior to being Chairperson of Luton Area I have been the Area Secretary since 2006. I have also had the privilege of being on a number of sub – committees over the years. Religious, Youth, Education etc. I have enjoyed taking part in the many events and working with the various Committees and sub- committees.
Vision for Oshwal I would like to see the Oshwal Community of Luton and the wider community thrive, preserving the culture, language and community spirit a long the way. During the Covid 19 pandemic things have taken a different tun and I would love things to return to how they used to be. It would be very good if we can involve the young giving them more opportunities to get involved and create a sense of belonging. I also think that embracing new ideas from those in the middle age group (40 – 60 ) would be a great step in the right direction to involving them with the community again.