Nutan Sandip Shah


Role within Committee
Committee Member
Professional Background
Finance Administrator
Personal Bio
I am one of 11 children born in Javiben Jeshang Meghji Haria family, in Kerugoya, Kenya. Went to India at the age of 4 and came to UK in 1975.  Have always been active with Oshwal group from young age started in Jamnagar with derasar and religion.  Married to Sandip Premchand Fulchand in 1986 and moved to South London.  We have two amazing children Rishi and Anika, who are now working full time.  My inspiration for Oshwal came from Sandip who was very heavily active with Youth Club and thereafter had joined the Main Comittee as a treasurer.  Together we had made a pretty good team.  I love laughter, fun and games, also enjoy meeting people of all ages.
Vision for Oshwal My vision for OAUK is for everyone to come together and make our community bond even stronger.  Bring youngsters to OAUK to show their knowledge and talent to take us forward into the future.  Care more for our elderly and vulnerable people with our community’s support.