Rashmika Dipchand Shah


Role within Committee
Vice Chairperson
E-mail rashmika.d.shah@oshwal.org
Professional Background
 I have worked in the NHS for 42 years as a British Heart Foundation Cardiac Specialist Nurse, Midwife and Public Health Nurse-Health Visitor.   I am currently employed as a Health Visitor in Leicester City, working with children under 5 years old.
Personal Bio
Born in Mombasa and migrated to England at the age of 7 and have lived in Leicester for 28 years.   I have previously served as a committee member in Leicester. I have been successful in applying for a number of grants. This includes funding for an exercise activity for OAUK Leicester area, a public Diwali event for the Jain Centre and a project to enhance services for Asian cardiac patients for the University Hospitals of Leicester. While in America, I helped to support deprived children to have a positive life experience. On a smaller scale, I have assisted children’s groups in Leicester helping to organise events.  I have an empathetic nature and love working with people and hope to bring this passion into my role as a Vice Chair at Leicester.
Vision for Oshwal I spent most of my youth in Luton where OAUK had a strong influence. I remember attending the Oshwal youth club and my father and uncles having Oshwal meetings.My father was the first OAUK Chairperson in Luton.   Brought up surrounded by Oshwal activities, both in and out of home, I have a strong vision regarding the future of OAUK. I would like the youth to feel connected and a sense of belonging, just as I did. This can be passed on for generations to come.
We are in an era where communication is easier than ever before, yet we are slowly losing that personal connection. I would like to see us harnessing the changes all around us and modernise OAUK.