Shejal Nilesh Shah

Area West
Role Area Chairperson
Profile My name is Shejal, I was born in Nairobi, and arrived in the UK at the age of 8. I am a mother of 2 children, Suraj and Chandni, and married to Nilesh K Shah. I come from a family of 5, One brother lives in Ghana, one sister in Nairobi, another brother and sister in UK. I work for Alan D Hairdressing as a Hairdresser/Stylist/Educator/Receptionist.
Vision My vision for Oshwal is a million-dollar question, this is because my vision changes every week with the challenge faced in front of me! So next time you meet me please ask me “what my VISION for this week is?”

On top of my list is one Oshwal! A quote from my PAPAJI “I have 5 children, and all are different like the fingers on my hand, when I try to eat with on finger I have difficulty, but when I eat with all 5 and am joined by the palm I am well fed.” This saying always brings warmth to my heart.This vision is for all Oshwal children to attend our Gujarati schools, and learn to speak our language. My children did not appreciate going to Gujarati school on a Saturday morning, but after promising to let them spend the rest of Saturday with their DADA and DADI(who spoilt them a great deal), a deal was struck (little did they know it was to their dad’s advantage), to further help them along my husband Nilesh Volunteered at the school too, which the headteacher greatly appreciated. Now my children/adults in their 20’s appreciate the advantage of communicating in our language especially in their work environment.

Jai Oshwal