The Board of Advisors (BoA) is an advisory committee within our Association. It comprises of all past Presidents, who are not serving as elected members in any other Committee of the Association and six elected advisers.

The Elected Advisers have to be Life members of the Association and would be elected at an AGM and can service for a maximum term of 3 years. Elected advisers are limited to service for two consecutive 3 year terms.

There are various other rules per the constitution which define the eligibility of BoA membership.

Overall, the BoA, as an advisory committee responsibilities include:

  • providing written advice to the EC as and when sought by the EC or at the discretion of the BoA, if such advise is deemed necessary;
  • reviewing and implementing the Grievance and Disciplinary procedures and making recommendations to EC;
  • review appeals from applications for Membership of the Association which have been rejected;
  • meeting at least once every 3 months to review matter as required;
  • hold joint meeting with EC at least onceĀ  every 4 months.

To find out the current membership of the BoA, click here.