Youth Blog

My Intriguing Experience Volunteering in Maasai Mara

Did you know that some Maasai children only have one meal per day? I learnt this fact on my recent trip to Kenya where I...

Member Spotlight: Ravi Haria, Author and Chess Player

Young Oshwal, Ravi Haria, has recently written his first book called "The Modernised Anti-Sicilians Volume 1: Rossolimo Variation". He is one of England's youngest...

Book Review: Kololo Hill

Blog by Anneka Shah Kololo Hill is a book that I believe all Oshwals, young and old should read. It tells the story of the...

Lockdown Activities: Dylan Bunty Shah

Vlog by Dylan Bunty Shah Following on from his sister's vlog last week, Dylan has shared his lockdown story with us. To find out more...

Lockdown Activities: Jasmine Bunty Shah

Vlog by Jasmine Bunty Shah Young Oshwal, Jasmine, has shared an inspiring account of what she has been up to during lockdown. Check it out...

Lockdown Activities: Arjun Malde

Blog by Arjun Malde Jai Jinendra. My name is Arjun and I am 9 years old. I wanted to share my lockdown experience with you....

Lockdown Activities: Liam Dodhia

Blog by Oshwal Youth Team Young Oshwal, Liam Dodhia, from the North West Area has shared some of the exciting activities he undertook during the...

University students and graduates facing challenges with job applications during lockdown blog

While many graduate opportunities are limited at the moment, here is a list of many great things you can do during this difficult time in which employers will truly appreciate.

Why You Should Care About Your Mental Health

There are many ways you can improve not just your own mental health, but even those around you.

Gender blog

Gender plays an important part in our community as it's all about being open to the perspectives and emotions of us both boys and girls.

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