Results Day 2020!!

Blog by Ayana Shah

For 16-18-year olds this August, they’ll be handed a piece of paper with a list of numbers for exams they haven’t sat! With corona virus, it seems that results day will be even more uncertain for the GCSE and A level students of 2020 than usual. If you happen to be in these years, it’s important to remember that everybody in your year across the country is in the same boat as you. Our results are out of our hands – it seems all we have to do is wait! 

I know many people who are grateful that we don’t have to sit exams and on the other hand, many people are upset that they can’t prove themselves and improve on their mock grades. Perhaps this is life’s way of teaching us a lesson; it’s important to work hard all year round and however much work you put in is what you’ll get out of it. I’m sure these people will not make the same mistake again; and that’s what counts.  

For those of you in year 11 or 13: On the actual day, everyone will probably be nervous but it’s easy to get worried and overthink. I know these results will seem like the biggest thing in the world right now, or at least for a couple of months, but once you start taking the next step, whether it be A-levels, an apprenticeship, a job, university, a gap year, it will be of less importance. Remember to stay positive, make the most of this time that we’ve been given to pursue our passions, and trust in your own abilities… You could count this time as a positive! We’ve not had the stress of revision and exams that we would have done, and we’ve been able to spend time with family that we would never had been given the opportunity to do so.

It may also be hard trying not to compare yourself to your friends or family but just remember that it’s not your fault! The teachers around the country are doing what’s best for you, and you have to try and remember that they had to rank everyone in your class – I’m sure it will be and has been hard for them also.  

Whatever happens, or has happened when you open that envelope, and whether you’ve got your results or not yet, it’s going to be ok! The next few months may feel like a struggle but persist through. Don’t worry and keep optimistic for your own future. 🙂 If you want information on how to deal with or prepare for your results, it may be worth visiting .