Rumit Devchand Shah

Hon. President

Nirmal Chandrakant Shah

Hon. Vice President

Minesh Venichand Shah

Hon. Secretary

Meena Naren Shah

Hon. Treasurer

Basanti Dilip Shah

EC Trustee

Bhavin Manish Shah

EC Trustee

Bijal Harakchand Shah

EC Trustee

Hiten Panachand Savla

EC Trustee

Hitesh Lakhamshi Shah

EC Trustee

Khilit Mukund Shah

EC Trustee

Poonam Chimanlal Shah

EC Trustee

Rajesh Jethalal Shah

EC Trustee

Rajvee Shah Punatar

EC Trustee

Sachin Shammi Shah

EC Trustee

Shandip Nathalal Shah

EC Trustee

Shilpa Chetan Shah

EC Trustee

Avni Jayantilal Shah

Area Chairperson (East)

Deepak Jivraj Harania

Area Chairperson (Northampton)

Irene Marjorie Shah

Area Chairperson (Luton)

Jayshree Dhiren Shah

Area Chairperson (North West)

Mukesh Nathoobhai Shah

Area Chairperson (North)

Nipun Premchand Shah

Area Chairperson (South)

Poonam Alkesh Shah

Area Chairperson (North East)

Sarad Lakhamshi Shah

Area Chairperson (Leicester)

Shejal Nilesh Shah 

Area Chairperson (West)

Key Contacts

Roles & Responsibilities

Area Committee Role

Each of the 9 regions of the Association have an Area Committee, which is responsible for overseeing all local activities in their respective Areas. The...

Executive Committee Role

The Executive Committee (EC) of the Association is responsible for the overall policy and general management of the entire Association. Members of the EC...

Board of Advisors Role

The Board of Advisors (BoA) is an advisory committee within our Association. It comprises of six elected advisors, and past presidents who are not...

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