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Dear members, parents, grandparents and adorable children,

We have had the most challenging four months of our lifetime, caught up in the coronavirus epidemic, self-isolation, with or without jobs, economically unstable, education drawn down to a standstill with the closure of schools in March.

I take pride in announcing that we have created history for OAUK by revolutionising the mode of teaching Gujarati, starting virtual Gujarati teaching lessons for the students who attend our schools on Friday evening or Saturday mornings. This has created an enormous amount of work for the teachers, to prepare their lessons using different resources and presenting them to the children in a fun based, effective learning of the language.

This work has been brought to fruition with the help of Ashishbhai Patani, IT volunteer, Malaben, Personal development EC Trustee, myself, the Area Chairs Pareshbhai (South), Shailanbhai (North), Shejalben (West) and Nileshbhai (North West), as well as the Education Portfolio Holders, Nipunbhai (South), Kunteshbhai (North), Maheshbhai (West) and Navinbhai Kamani (North West}.

We are deeply thankful to our teachers for taking up this challenge and it has been a huge learning curve for all. All this has been possible with the unity and dedication of the whole Education team, spending endless hours training themselves and others. We now have 23 classes running, most of them on Saturday morning, except one on Friday evening. North area has started adult, conversational, reading and writing classes. We hope to carry on with the virtual classes until such a time as the government uplifts all restrictions.


We look forward to more children and parents participating with our schools, and take up Gujarati learning. Videos of all schools are below to give you some insight.

Meet the Chairperson

Rekha Shah

Education Chairperson & Trustee



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In order for Oshwal Association of the UK to conduct online gujarati classes, it is important to obtain parental consent for running online classes...

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Oshwal Gujarati Schools

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Virtual Open Day Video

Key contact details for our Gujarati Schools

North West School

Avanti House Primary, Common Road, Stanmore, HA7 3JB

Head teacher: Anjanaben Shah

Contact person: Navinchandra Kamani & Neera Shah

Email: education-nw@oshwal.org

Age range: 3 to 14 years

Timing: Saturday 9.15am to 11.15am

Virtual classes being run till December 2020

South School

Harris Academy, Kendra Hall Road, Croydon, CR2 6DT

Head teacher: Keilasben Shah

Contact person: Nipunbhai Shah

Email: ogssouth@oshwal.org

Age range: 5 to 15 years

Timing: Saturday 9am to 11am (GCSE classes 9am to 12pm)

More info, click here.

Virtual classes being run till December 2020

North School

Woodhouse College, Woodhouse Road, N12 9EY

Head teacher: Neelamben Jadhav

Contact person: Kuntesh Shah

Email: education-n@oshwal.org

Age range: 3 years to Adults

Timing: Saturday 9.30am to 12.30am (additional curriculum classes 11.30am to 12.30pm)

Virtual classes being run till December 2020

West School

Shakti Centre, Inwood Road, Hounslow, TW3 1UX

Head teacher: Ushaben Shah

Contact person: Maheshbhai Velji Shah

Email: usha.shah@oshwal.org

Age range: 3 to 14 years

Timing: Friday 6pm to 7.30pm

More info, click here.

Virtual classes being run till December 2020

Parents seeking admission for their children, please contact the school as per details above. Please note first term classes will be held on Zoom until regulations are relaxed and availability of schools we hire for Saturday mornings. Apply soon so that a place can be reserved for your child into the appropriate class.

Oshwal Gujarati School Videos

Oshwal Adult Gujarati Virtual Classes

We are starting a new adult class to learn Gujarati. This will be an ideal opportunity for young parents, young adults, Gujarati or non- Gujarati adults, geographically disadvantaged to attend a school, to join us and attend this once a week, evening session in a virtual classroom.

The sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings from 8.00pm to 9.30pm, term times . It will enable you to speak in our language, read and write and be able to communicate and listen to our elders. The course will start from basics, use all four skills.

An introductory offer of £50 has been kept to pay for the online setup and other resources required, facilitated by OAUK Committee to help our community. Any small funds we may collect will go towards Education for the school outings etc.

Please contact me for class details. We will start in September as per poster details. Work will be sent by email. Application forms are on the website.

P.S. Please note this class is not the class already running by North Area school. All the students from the school will not be eligible to join this class.