All of us at some point have faced a situation of seeing a loved one in their last few days / hours of life or looking after those who are very seriously ill. It is very important to be able to recite appropriate Jain prayers at this time to give comfort to the person and their family. These last words ensure your loved ones pass away in complete peace or if seriously ill, will give them comfort at a time of need. However not all of us will know what to recite or are in a state of stress where it is difficult to recite.

OAUK are delighted to announce that a team of volunteers from every area have come forward to provide this service to those in need at their hour of need. We have a cohort of volunteers who have been fully trained up under the guidance of Jayeshbhai and chaplain Hiteshbhai Rayani and are ready to provide this service.

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Full NamePrimary ContactSecondary Contact
Bijalben Ashik Shah07775557489N/A
Kishorebhai Haria0792006851302085039010
Full NamePrimary ContactSecondary Contact
Ashwinbhai Waghji Gosrani0788783313501159284260
Hemalben Nikunj Shah07940960886N/A
Trushaliben Kotecha07740122731N/A
Full NamePrimary ContactSecondary Contact
Anilaben Hasmukhrai Shah0799995877802084462225
Anilaben Shahikant Shah0208346638307930572322
Ushaben Chandulal Shah0775707383202083685294
Full NamePrimary ContactSecondary Contact
Bhavnaben Shah0208882915507877999063
Champaben Shah0752665595302083689719
Hiteshbhai  Rayani07779164134N/A
Pushpaben Jayantilal Shah0785673844N/A
Shardaben Shah0798296946002088866699
Shobhaben Shah0795844729802083684791
Full NamePrimary ContactSecondary Contact
Dineshbhai Shah0787902875102083579774
Jyostnaben Kapurchand Shah0795471133102089022822
Maheshbhai Shah0780464819702082000007
Minaben Dinesh Shah0746992651902083579774
Narendrabhai Hirji Lalji Shah07921127039N/A
Rakshaben Gudka07956959012N/A
Rasilaben Shah0754493815302088610540
Full NamePrimary ContactSecondary Contact
Amitaben Shah0239246781107949225002
Ansuyaben Shah07877410390N/A
Dhirubhai K Shah07932079930N/A
Shrutiben Malde0788866198802086683057
Smitaben Shah0743260048502086801976
Full NamePrimary ContactSecondary Contact
Deeptiben Shah0796225819302085670829
Shilaben Shah0782102271602088408218

Please note these members are volunteers of OAUK and there to provide a much needed service. There is no set formula in terms of time they will spend doing this as every situation is very different. They will be able to come to the home or hospital or hospice whenever called by the family. If one person is not available when you call, please try to call another person in your area. We kindly ask you to treat the members with respect at all times.

There is no charge or fee for this service and the volunteer will not take any payment from anyone.

Shandip N Shah