Gender blog

Blog by Anish Vadgama

Importance of gender

Gender plays an important part in our community as it’s all about being open to the perspectives and emotions of us both boys and girls. This helps us to know much more about each other’s personal issues and understand gender aspects such as comments and stories. Many of us tend to be very appreciative of our opposite genders and it shows that we are considerate about them.

Issues with gender in schools

One of the issues we face in gender is that gender sensitivity is not taught to the majority of us while in school or college. Therefore, our education system does not remain that effective. Many schools and colleges are not “co-educational” and we only end up interacting with and spending time with people of our own gender (and even age group) in classes, playgrounds, school clubs and so on.

This issue normally happens during formative years which can impact our behaviour pattern in both genders. However, when it comes to university and careers, both genders tend to interact quite well especially during group projects, client projects, presentations and so on. Schools should consider teaching boys and girls about interacting with each other for a better community to at least some extent.

Find out more

As mentioned before, gender is crucial in our community. To find out more, the following book may be useful to look at ”Where the Millennials Will Take Us: A New Generation Wrestles With the Gender Structure” by Barbara J. Risman. It explores the purpose of gender communities to young people, social structures and how it can be changed. It also includes real-life experiences of transgender and gender youth.

The following book can be found at: