Joint End of Year Party – 2nd July 2017

Behind those dark glasses, my eyes had the pleasure of absorbing the generosity from those unconditional helping hands with the radiant combination of fun and laughter between the young & old.

And so, as my eyes focused through the lens, I saw

A story about success – as ReActive8 club and Gujarati school embraced the possibilities of achieving togetherness through one celebration;
A story about commitment – from the volunteers whose actions spoke in volumes as the party unfolded with all its fine details;
A story about achievement – at the point when one realised the rest were a noticeable distance behind with their sacks;

A story about determination –adults verses volunteers, as they tugged and pulled…welcome to the world of tug of war;

A story about talent – exposed by all, for all to see as it ignited a feeling of a personal challenge for one to achieve;

A story about ‘no escape’ – catapulted wet sponges and water filled buckets guaranteed ‘no escape’ except for the water into the ground;

A story about fun – as some unleashed their dormant mischievous side or was it the experience of creating a cloud of white flour as it made way for the treasure to unfold;  

A story about food – from making to indulging, it surpassed all expectations and teased our taste buds throughout the event;

A story about bonding – captured at the opportunity of a picnic on the grass amongst family and friends;

A story about water melon – yes water melon, thirst quenching eyes lit up as people indulged in 1, 2, 3……7 pieces and even more;

A story about team spirit – as the cheering was projected with winning intentions as the caterpillars screamed ‘next’;

A story about an anticipated delight – when one’s eye caught the site of the ice-cream van;

A story about gratitude – as the speeches were heard with sheer thankfulness in their voices.

Behind those dark glasses, I saw many different stories. I wonder what stories you’ll see and tell from the pictures…

Thank you to every person who helped and attended this party – you made the year end perfectly!

By Priya Shah