Late Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shubhamji

Late Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shubhamji

Born October 3, 1957 -January 2, 2021 – left her body.

Maharaj came to Northampton during Paryushan 2017 and had passed on her knowledge and teachings to Northamptonshire Area Members.

Born as Shobha, Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shubhamji became disciple of Acharya Chandna Ji at a very early age.

After spending her initial years gaining an in-depth knowledge of multiple religious scriptures, she dedicated her life to Seva (Service), Siksha (Education) and Sadhna (Spirituality).

In her early youth she led multiple humanitarian projects at Veerayatan.  Not only was she blessed with sound understanding of religious principles, but her strong mindfulness also enabled her to perform multiple long ‘Avdhaans’ (remembering and responding to 100 + questions) at an incredibly young age.

As Veerayatan expanded globally she travelled to many countries around the world preaching Jain Values to all ages.  She developed one on one life transformation relationships with many around the world

She was loving, kind, calm, simple and jovial.  She was an embodiment of non-attachment, completely free of all aversions.

She was a true saint who not only attracted humans but birds and animals as well.  Free birds including parrots used to fly up to her, sit on her shoulders, eat from her hands, spend time with her and fly away only to return back.

She was anointed Yuvacharya of Veerayatan by Acharya Chandna Ji few years back which was celebrated by the Jain community all around the world

She had recently developed some liver related ailment and was being treated at a reputed hospital in Pune.  Surrounded by Veerayatan Sadhvi Ji’s, her well-wishers and many volunteers she remained calm and in complete tranquillity in her final moments in same way she was the rest of her life.

As she left for her heavenly abode she wished the world well before she left and continues to shower her blessings from her new abode. Maharaj was an amazing soul who showered love, compassion and friendship to all with utmost humility. She touched so many lives and leaves behind an indelible imprint on all of us. She was hugely knowledgeable, a deep thinker and loved teaching. Her love for Pujya Tai Maa and Gurudev Amar Muniji Maharaj knew no bounds.