Explanation of Maun Ekadashi and its worship

Tuesday, 14 December 2021 – Magsar Sud 11 is a very holy and auspicious day.

Maun Ekadashi is a very important day for Jains.

This day is so auspicious that any adoration, worship and penance performed in silence is multiplied by 150 times so even one fast achieves the fruits of 150 fasts. It is believed that a worshipper, by performing all the rites and rituals of Maun Ekadashi for a period of 11 years and 11 months, can achieve salvation in an upcoming life.

The following worship rites are also observed in silence on this day:
1. A fast
2. Kaussagga of 12 Logassa
3. 12 Khamasaman
4. 12 Swastiks
5. 20 Narvkaar Vali of Jap Pad: Om Rhim Shrim Mallinath Sarvagnay Namah!

If possible, please try to observe – Poshadh, Desavgasik, Samayik, Pratrikraman, listen to Discourses, a Fast, Aymbil, Ekaasnu, Navkaar Jap, Navkaarsi, Chauvihaar.

On this day, observe silence and chant one Mala (Rosary of beads) of each Kalyanak according to Mantras in the table – making a total of 150 Malas.

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