Perfectly Imperfect Mum

Article by, Sheena Tanna Shah


I struggled with anxiety for many many years, it was only when I had children that I knew I had to change my mindset to be strong and an inspiration for not just them but myself too.

Motherhood as much as it is super rewarding the first and second time m were really hard for me. My anxiety on whether I was doing the right thing, was I a good mum, juggling everything, the tiredness, exhaustion, tears, loneliness and comparing myself to other mums was really hard. I could have continued to spiral but I knew I had to change, I turned to mindset work, mindfulness, Nutrition, and exercise to start my transformation for inner peace and inner happiness.

This made such a huge huge difference to me, I started to embrace my perfectly imperfect mum self instead of judging myself. I embraced the chaos in the calm of motherhood and now more than ever love being a mum of 2.

I went from struggling to now embracing motherhood, running 2 businesses (inspiring success and pure and raw goodies) and still working as an optometrist.

I decided my first book, “Perfectly Imperfect Mum” would be to support the wellbeing of other mums and so the book began. The book is all about various things mums go through on a day to day basis whether that’s being a taxi mum, judged mum, stressed mum, always making dinner mum with supporting mindfulness and motivation tips, plant based recipes and yoga.

The book has been 1.5 years of commitment, dedication and hard work but I am proud it’s finally ready and soon to be published.

Hope this book helps a lot of Oshwal young mums, who would be anxious, every having children.