Sumi Hitesh Shah


Role within Committee
Board of Advisors
Professional Background
Chartered Accountant
Personal Bio
I am a Chartered Accountant and a Partner at Flemmings, based in Croydon, Surrey. Through my role as the Training Partner at Flemmings, we have recruited and trained many Oshwals, as well as others, as Accountants. I have also served on the Education and Training Board at the ICAEW and gained an excellent insight into how large organisations operate.
Through my degree in Psychology, I have developed an interest in human behaviour. In particular, I have a deep fascination about world religions and the faiths of different societies. I enjoy reading, travelling and learning about different cultures, both current and ancient.
Vision for OshwalThe Oshwal community in the UK has progressed immensely in the past 50 years. The vision of our past office bearers has maintained the spirit of our community and we now have a centre with a Derasar, that any Oshwal should be proud of.

As children of migrant families, many of us have thrived through the UK education system. We have a huge spectrum of talent within our community which can advance our community to a different level. At the same time, we have an ageing generation whose needs have evolved and may be different to those of 50 years ago.

My vision for OAUK would be to
a)  capitalise on the talent in our community by attracting our highly qualified young professionals to bring their skills to our community’s work; and

b) recognise the changing needs of our aged and build on the services and welfare to suit their needs