Vegan Lifestyle for Jains – A Pre-Paryushan Event @ Shakti Centre

Around 50 members attended the wonderful pre-Paryushan Vegan Lifestyle workshop on Sunday 13th August 2017 at the Shakti Centre.


The event was led by led by Sagarbhai Shah and his team from the UK Vegan Society who talked us through the case for being vegan, being “health conscious” on a vegan diet and actions we can take in our daily lives to avoid dairy products and move to a plant based diet.


The workshop included a live cookery demonstration on cashew cheese, chocolate mousse made with chickpea water and flaxseed egg replacer. Members thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sample these dishes.

The event closed with members enjoying vegan masala chai made with soya milk, dairy free ice cream and vegan handvo and dhokda prepared and donated by Sagarbhai’s mother.

Attendees were also gifted with a coconut masala chai drink to take home.


As a parting thought, members were requested to try vegan and specifically give up dairy in addition to any other activities they will be participating in during the auspicious days of Paryushan.


Thank you to Sagarbhai from the Vegan team for leading the workshop and Chunibhai, Aartiben, Neetaben Anilbhai for helping with the event and lastly, Anitaben for donating the costs for the event.

All photo’s of the delicious vegan event can be found here