Aa Paras Maara Potana – Part 1

Friday, 8th January 2021 

Date: Friday, 08.01.2021                         Time: 8.00 pm – 9.15 pm

The auspicious Days of Birth and Diksha Kalyanaks of Shri Pragat Prabhaavi Purisadani Shri Parshvanath Prabhu:

Date: 08.01.2021, Friday – Janma Kalyanak – Part 1

Devotional worship, Vandana, Bhakti and Swadhyay on the amazing greatness of Shri Parshva Prabhu on both days from 08.00pm – 9.15pm by live webcast.

A very warm welcome to you all by the Oshwal Association of the U.K. to celebrate Shri Parshvanath Prabhujis Kalyanaks by collectively performing 108 Parshvanath Darshan accompanied with devotional Bhakti in our own homes with our families and Shri Sangh.

Do not miss this golden opportunity of joyfully celebrating Shri Parshva Prabhujis Kalyanaks in our homes.

A Nakro of £51.00 has been kept for taking this great opportunity of worship online. Please contact the Oshwal Centre office on 01707 643838 for sponsoring these events.  

To download details in Gujarati, click here.

No registration required.  You can watch the live stream on Oshwal YouTube channel.