Aaso Maas Shri Navpad Ayambil Oli

Saturday, 1st October – Sunday 9th October

Day 1 to 9 Ayambil discourses are all available on YouTube – click here

A very warm invitation to you all to join in the auspicious Shri Navpad Ayambil Oli for members of all nine areas, organised by the Oshwal Association of the U.K, beginning 1st October 2022 for 9 days.

As name suggests , it is a festival of 9 days celebrated all over the world remembering the lives of Shreepal Raja and Mayna Sundari. It encompasses 3 gems of Jainism, Dev, Guru and Dharma.

AllDaily6 AM – Derasar Opening, Abhishek, Pooja

11 AM – Pravachan on “Navpad No Mahima Apar”

1Saturday, 1st October10.30 AM – Staphna for 5 Mahan Granths for Navpad
2Sunday, 2nd October10 AM – Samuh Sri Siddhchakra Aradhana.

Please bring any Siddhcharka or Navpad Yantra from your home if any. If you don’t have it you will get from the Oshwal Centre. Please inform Sandipbhai (07780690432) in advance

3Monday, 3rd OctoberDaily Program
4Tuesday, 4th OctoberDaily Program
5Wednesday, 5th OctoberDaily Program
6Thursday, 6th OctoberDaily Program
7Friday, 7th OctoberDaily Program
8Saturday, 8th OctoberDaily Program
9Sunday, 9th October9 AM – Snatra Pooja

10 am – Navpadji Pooja

Nakro Labharthi will get Pooja Labh

10Monday, 10th October10 AM Tapasvi Bahuman and Anumodna. Afterwards Tapsavi Parna

The fast of Ayambil is observed to attain spiritual upliftment through the achievement of victory over the control of TASTE and not FOOD to shed karmic bondage. During this fast vigai tyaag ( refraining ) is observed, as it’s believed these foods change the natural tendencies of body, mind and soul and pervert them. They arouse the 4 passions, namely anger, pride, deceit and greed. Let us all immerse ourselves with devotion for the spiritual upliftment during these 9 days of Shri Aaso Maas Ayambil.

The nine Pads are – Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyaya, Sadhu, Samyak Darshan, Samyak Gyan, Samyak Charitra and Samyak Tap. Navpad are also found in the Navkar Mantra. Navpad is also called Siddha Chakra.


Pujya Shri Jayeshbhai Shah will give a discourse on Shri Navpad No Mahima Apaar every day during Shri Navpad Ayambil Oli.

Shri Namaskar Mahamantra Pujan will be performed on Sunday, 2nd October
Shri Navpad Puja will be performed on Sunday, 9th October

VENUE: Ayambil as always will be taking place at Oshwal Centre each day. There will be vanchan from 11am and thereafter bhojan.

Anyone wishing to sponsor Ayambil, we have set a single nakro of £201 to allow more people / families to take labh. Please do give generously.

Please contact the main office (01707 643 838 ) to place your nakro

This is an invaluable opportunity to rejuvenate our soul. Please do join in-person at Oshwal Centre and participate in the worship everyday with your family and loved ones.