Aatma – Devotional songs – A gift for all

AATMA – Jain Stavan Album by Hemina Shah – a gift for all Oshwal’s worldwide.

Singapore-based British Halari Oshwal, Hemina Shah, has produced an 11-track soulful devotional album for the Oshwal Community. The album is called ‘Aatma,’ which means soul, and is available to all Oshwal’s as a free download from our website (registration required).

Jain Stavan refers to the chanting and reciting of virtues of the Lord in Jainism. In Jainism, there are twenty-four Tirthankars, and there are separate Stavans. Beyond them, the Stavans include verses glorifying the importance of places of enlightenment for the Tirthankars and their pilgrimage places.

The world came to a standstill in 2020 with the worldwide lockdowns, and many people
lost their loved ones. Therefore, when many families approached Hemina and asked
her to put together tributes for the lost ones, she also thought about compiling a Jain
Stavan Album. She started recording the Stavans and giving them a new life with
modern music and aesthetically pleasing ensembles. “It was a soul-searching
experience,” said Hemina.

Click HERE to continue reading about Hemina’s spiritual journey.

On behalf of the Oshwal Association of the UK, its wonderful to see our fellow Oshwal’s contributing and sharing their gift and talent and helping spread the message of Jainism across to all. To download the audio tracks, please complete the form below. Once submitted, the download link will be emailed across to you.

Aatma - Jain Devotional Music Album

Aatma - Jain Devotional Music Album

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