Art & Craft workshop by Smita Shah

Smita Shah started her journey into Arts and Crafts from a very young age.  She was taught by her mother how to embroider Sarees.  Her sisters taught her how to knit, crochet and make collage pictures by recycling materials found in and around the house.

Smitaben has over 30 years of experience in different techniques of art. She found that she was not good at drawing, so she settled for working with her hands.

Smitaben has been making greeting cards at home and is a qualified teacher of One-Stroke Painting Tutor.   This technique appealed to her as it is almost freehand and with the use of clever blending of paints in the brush, where you can paint a petal with shades in just one stroke of the brush without lifting the brush.

Smitaben has taught children crafts in the comfort of her extremely messy studio, where they have created many beautiful things. The emphasis is more on process and technique that can be used in other projects also. She allows children freedom to be creative and express themselves with the materials provided.

Below is a list of items you will need for Sunday’s class with Smitaben.

Resource List for making a Bookmark/Greeting Card

  1. Watercolour paper (Preferable). Alternatives – Cardboard from packaging, back of calendars if blank, backs of wedding invitation cards – white or very light colours or any thick card.
  2. Masking tape
  3. Brush Medium size (round or flat)
  4. Water colours or acrylic paints – use 2 or 3 colours in the same colour spectrum and 1 contrast colour
  5. Paint palette (Use a plastic plate or cover a plate with cling film)
  6. Black Uni pen (waterproof, pigment pen which will not bleed easily
  7. Plastic sheet to put your card on (4 holed plastic wallet or plastic place mat)
  8. 2 jars of water (1 to dip brush in and 1 to wash the colour off the brush)
  9. Newspapers,
  10. Kitchen towels,
  11. Pair of scissors,
  12. Ruler and pencil
  13. Card Blanks

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