Art Therapy

Saturday 2 August 2pm Live on YouTube

Akshita Gandhi is an International Artist and Philanthropist based in Mumbai, India. She pioneers in creating 3D body immersive experiences to showcase her unique lightboxes. The exploration of art therapy comes from her personal journey to overcome her deep, emotional ordeal. Through her research and knowledge of different therapy methods, she amalgamated the concept and theory of art therapy with Mandala Art.

A Mandala is an abstract design made of intricate geometric compositions created on the base of a circle. This session with her will help you relax, de-stress, reconnect with yourself, re-centre and remain grounded and most importantly, get in touch with your emotions that linger in your subconscious state. Expressing your emotions through colour and artistic practices, this is specially designed to heal and aid in overcoming personal struggles and letting go. It is a “mirror” or “reflection” of the inner self.

Materials required for the session are: Yoga Mat, Paper, Pencils, Any medium of your choice (colour pens/paints/crayons/etc).

No registration required. Watch live on the Oshwal YouTube channel, link below.


About the Artist

Akshita Gandhi is a multi-media artist with an MA in Fine Arts from the Lotus Institute, Dubai, UAE. By merging social, historical, and mythological concepts her work concentrates on breaking out of stereotypical gender roles, grappling with the history of colonialism, and self-empowerment Her body immersive installations include Le cirque de la liberté (2020), a textured mise-en-scene inspired by the circus and Dare to Break Free (2020), a commission by the Berlin-based music festival Kater Blau. Expanding upon built landscapes, she uses ink and acrylics to alter photographs of villages and cities. In the mixed media painting, lightbox, and poetry series Freedom, I Read Banned Books (2019) – she advocates breaking free from patriarchal structures. Akshita has collaborated with Frank DeBourge for New York Fashion Week and the Indian menswear brand Kurtees, in addition, she continues to exhibit extensively at galleries and art fairs internationally.

Akshita is currently represented by:
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York.
Gabriel Fine Art, London.
ATO Gallery, Miami.
Recreational Enterprises & Perseus Gallery, New York.