Ayambil April 2017


The sponsors of Chaitrya Mass Ayambil where Nileshbhai and Binduben in memory of their parents.

Preparing for the cooking of the Ayambil started on Saturday 1st April at Oshwal House where the sponsoring family and our regular volunteers sorted out all the grains.

On the first day of Ayambil 3rd April cooking started at 5.00am (everyday was the same time). As Ayambil is to do with Sri Pal Raja we had series of 5 volums which tell the whole story. 5 families bided for each book and we had a procession from the Derasar to the hall. In the hall everyone was invited to partake in Darshan.

On the first day we a visit from 2 Shamnijis.

Everyday there was a reading of the Sripal Raja Raas by Jayeshbhai which had a good turnout.

On the seventh day we celebrated Mahavir Janma Kalayank which was directed by Jayeshbhai. Everyone who took part in the play really enjoyed performing. Also we encouraged all the children who were present to participate.

Every day we had 250 to 300 people and on weekend there were more.

On the last day we Pat Darshan which involved 5 Chaiya Vandans and 21 Kamashma.

Everyone who came really enjoyed the 10 days.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who selflessly help us in every Ayambil and every Religious event.

In the course of the 10 days if we have hurt anyone then Michammi Dukkadam.

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