Bhakti at Ekta Centre May 2019

Bhakti sandhya at Oshwal EKTA Centre on 29th May 19 was sponsored by Parivar of Late Liladhar Kanji Bharmal Shah & Late Viraben Liladhar Kanji Shah. The bhakti was in memory of Maheshbhai’s dad and mum – Liladharbhai (8yrs) & Viraben (19yrs), Nilamben’s dad and brother – Khimjibhai (6yrs) and Sameer (11yrs) and also in celebration of 32 years of Diksha of our guru maharaj – Shri Panyas Parva HarshShekar Vijayji Maharaj. A great bhakti evening with over 130 people where we had both young and old ranging from 1 year to 85 years immersed in the bhakti and also joining in the garba. Great feedback received for the bhakti.

My utmost thanks and appreciation for everyone who help make the monthly bhakti a very spiritual & enjoyable experience and a very special thank you to Vimalbhai who creates the beautiful moments via video and photos.

Excellent feedback received

I always enjoy satang conducted by you at EKTA centre. It’s very well organized and non stop without any disruption and well explain for our young generation in English for each stavan Two hours goes by quickly with peace. Keep it up you are doing a great service to the community. Shashi

Hiya, another amazing bhakti. Yummy yummy ladoo. Well done for giving a wonderful and memorable experience. At one stage I had tears in my eyes during the song about mother and father. Jayshree Kirit

Hi Mahesh the bhakti tonight was beautiful. Milan

Come and join us at our next Bhakti event on 26th June 2019