Ratilal Devchand Shah


Role within Committee
Board of Advisors
Professional Background
I qualified as a solicitor in 1976 and ran my own practice for over 30 years.
Personal Bio
Past President 1988 – 1991 & 1998 – 1999

I have been involved in the administration of OAUK since 1967, in a number of roles including Area Chair, Secretary, and President. I have also spent much of my life involved in various other charitable and voluntary organisations, including Lions Club, Brent Indian Association, and the Institute of Jainology.

Vision for OshwalI think OAUK need to do two things simultaneously: to cater to the needs to Oshwals, and then to see how Oshwals can contribute to wider society.

On the first matter, I want OAUK to provide lots of opportunities to engage the youth, from running schools to holding Youth Clubs and other areas of recreation. It is important that OAUK finds a way to support those within our community who are less able, and to provide help to the elderly and infirm.

On the second matter, I want Oshwals to always consider how we can make the world around us a better place, from being model citizens ourselves, to seeing what we can do to make positive contributions to politics, both local and national.