Census March 2021 -Update

Jai Jinendra

In Census March 2021, if you want to be identified as “Jain”

Please choose other under question no 16:  “What is your religion?” write “Jain”

Choose other and write “JAIN”

For answers to the Frequently Asked Questions both in English and Gujarati Click Here

Details are available both in English and Gujarati on YouTube.

Please click on the following links:

In English:     https://youtu.be/HV8jt1lFyLk

In Gujarati:   http://youtu.be/J96pbax6GtY

Census 2021 – To watch OneJAIN Children’s competition winner’s video – Click Here

Listen to message from Hon. Bob Blackman MP – Click Here

Listen to message from Hon. Gareth Thomas MP – Click Here

More information about UK Census 2021 Please click here

UPDATE from the Office of National Statistics (ONS):

1) The ONS have started to mail our Census letters, and you will start seeing them from this week. The letter will have a code for you to enter electronically. Do not share the code with anyone else.
2) In addition to any support lines you may have, the ONS have their contact centres open:
– Call 0800 141 2021 (for those living in England) or 0800 169 2021 (for those living in Wales)
– a language line which people can call to ask questions about the census through an interpreter. Call 0800 587 2021.
3) Please remember you can ask for a paper copy if you are not able to fill this out electronically.
4) You can see information on the questions in lots of languages: http://census.gov.uk/help/languages-and-accessibility/languages
5) Don’t wait until 21st March. Fill it out today, as if it was 21st March.

6) Finally don’t forget, if you want to identify as Jain: on Q16, Choose Other, Select JAIN.