Chairperson’s Message

Pranam from the newly elected committee – a mix of many familiar faces and some new. Many of us, have volunteered at OAUK at different levels and been part of sub-committees.

My journey with OAUK started around 2010 when I joined at sub-committee level. I later carried on at the North West area committee level in the years 2012-2016.

Our focus for 2016-18 will be continuity as well as building a better and stronger future for our community.

Our aim will be to continue all current events and activities taking place under various portfolios, with the help of all the current subcommittees and volunteers.

In addition to this, be able to with the help of the new committee and the youth, review and support all future proposals in building an even better and stronger community.

We need to embrace new ideas and encourage the youth to get involved. This will help us to keep our culture, heritage and religion amongst the future generations.

Jai Jinendra,

Hina Ramesh Shah
NW area Chairperson – on behalf of the NW area committee.