Oshwal Cooking Club presents Healthy Easy Jain Vegan Meals

Sunday 12th July at 4pm

Healthy Easy Jain Vegan Meals

Join us for a live cooking demonstration showcasing amazing healthy Jain Vegan meals. On Sunday 12th July join Rajesh and Jyoti Shah as they inspire you to make delicious raw and cooked healthy meals in your own home.

Rajesh and Jyoti’s recipes are the result of the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention!” Their journey began with Jyoti suffering from severe arthritis. Not wanting to take medicines, Dr Swaminathan taught them about a natural cure – a Diet and Lifestyle change.

Jyoti started her journey to health. The diet was Raw food based. As you can imagine, they soon got bored of salads and started to invent. Along the way Jyoti’s arthritis disappeared. 19 years on, they are still inventing.

To download the recipes and ingredients Click Here.

No registration required. You can watch on the Oshwal YouTube Channel.