Covid -19, Vaccines, Q&A know the latest in Gujarati

32 Jain Organisations together with One Jain presents
COVID-19, Vaccines, Q&A – Know the Latest IN GUJARATI!    Session 1

Specially for our elders to know the latest information, with Q&A session.

Date & Time: Sun 10th Jan at 8.00-9.30pm (UK)

Medical Experts:
– Miss Jyoti Shah, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Burton-on-Trent
– Dr Khyati Bakhai, General Practitioner, London
– Dr Anuja Shah, General Practitioner, Luton
– Dr Ameet Bakhai, Cardiologist & Research Director, London
– Dr Rajvee Punatar, Research Scientist, London

Join us LIVE on YouTube for the first event of new Jain Health Initiative.

YouTube Link: One Jain YouTube Channel

This event is open to all.
Please share the invite with all GUJARATI friends and family