Dal Roti with Exercises and Card Games

On Saturday the 18th May 2019, at 7.00pm at St. Johns Church Hall, SevenKings, our east area members started coming in to the hall. We saw some new faces and was very pleased to see the new members got interested in the monthly event of dal roti with exercises.

Something we need to think over and maybe to do half an hour exercises at every programmes while the members are coming in to the event.

The programme started on time and the lady from Redbridge Council who was going to do exercises was not in time, so Bhartiben started the warm up exercises, which was quite light and easy to adapt. We had the lady from Redbridge Council who turned up at 7.45 pm, and she started giving the articles to do exercise. And soon after she started the exercises. And only my remarks is that she was doing more of the aerobic exercises and is not at all suitable for the members who are over 60 years of age. . She finished the exercises in half an hour and many thanks to her for taking time to come and spend with east area members.

Afterwards, a hot meal of daal with hot rotli, salad and gor was served, and everyone enjoyed the meal. All had tea and homemade biscuits, and while this was going on they collected a £1 each from everyone to give to the lady who had come to do the exercises.

There was one table of 6 players played cards and others were mingling with each other. Every one were happy and as usual time approaching to close the evening. Monthly events are very successful and people come to know each other and get news.

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