Darshan and Puja Classes

Darshan and Puja Classes

5 week course – Theory class (1 hour) and Practical class inside our derasar (1 hour).

Age – 9+ children and their parent/s. Children must be accompanied by one adult at least. Open to all.

As a Jain, wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to correctly do darshan and puja of our bhagwan?

Learning darshan and puja is an essential tool for our spiritual development.

The experience will bring inner joy, peace and boundless happiness.

Explained in a simple and easy to understand way with all written and practical material provided

The goal is for the participant to have a basic foundation of why and how to do darshan and puja.

Event is Free and lunch will be provided afterwards.

Darshan and Puja Registration Form

Darshan and Puja Registration Form

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Minimum age 9 and above. Children (under 16) must be accompanied by an adult,
Firstname, Initial and Surname
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