Dhaja Din 2016

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Sun 11th Sept – 1pm

New Dhaja is hoisted up onto the Derasar.

Sun 11th Sept – 12.39pm

Jayeshbhai led prayers for the Dhaja, and then the new Dhaja was taken to the Derasar with great joy on a beautifully sunny day and hoisted up the Derasar.

Sun 11th Sept – 12.15pm

Tusharbhai introduced the Oshwal Walkers group, who presented a donation to towards the Oshwal Centre lift of £12,000. In total the Oshwal Walker group has donated £50,000 to the Oshwal Association, split £15,000 for Oshwal Shakti Centre, £20,000 for Oshwal South Area property and £15,000 for Oshwal Centre.


Sun 11th Sept – 12pm

Before the final prayers, Tusharbhai introduced Jayeshbhai to Oshwal Association & also did bohman for Dilipbhai, who has been doing pooja for the last year and a half in the Derasar, in the absence of a priest.

Sun 11th Sept – 10am

Jayeshbhai leads the prayers for Dhaja Din pooja.