East Area Daal Roti November 2019 (English)

East Area Daal Roti November 2019

Saturday 30th November 2019, was a cold evening with strong winds and rain. East Area had the monthly social evening and also there was a death of the relative to many members who were invited to the dinner (Divas). What we thought was that not many people will turn up.

As the door opened of the hall and in time the members started coming to the dal roti programme of the east area.
All the members gathered in the hall and we started with prayers with a two-minute silence for the departed souls, and for those who are ill.

Our menu was dal and roti, so we had to call for help from the public to roll the rotis. There were many ladies who were at help in the kitchen and the dal was prepared by Lataben. What can I say about Lataben and the delicious dal she makes! Even though she had to go to the dinner (divas) of her Mami Savitaben Shah, she made sure that the dal is prepared and delivered for the social evening. Kishorebhai enjoyed the delicious dal and could not stop eating roti and this is his words, “what a tasty dal and he could not stop eating rotis”. Even though I am a light eater, I ate four hot Rotis coming out from the kitchen.

Members were asked to help in the kitchen, and others cleaned the tables and chairs in the hall.
Afterwards, the members started playing card games of Chokdi and Bukhar. Everyone was enjoying themselves. No one wanted to go home but when the time came to close the hall, all had to clear the hall.

Another enjoyable evening for the members.

Photos from the evening can be viewed here.