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On Friday, 25th October 2019 East area celebrated Diwali Celebration at The Canon Palmer Academy, Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex from 7.00pm to 10.00pm and it was a very beautiful evening, the Weather was very pleasant so many members came to celebrate Diwali.
Members started coming to the hall in their beautiful saris and suits, and came to the hall and greeted each other with Diwali Greetings.

The Diwali cards were made by Thursday Club members for viewing, and the table was very nicely decorated. The table was decorated by Avni and many thanks to her. Also, the chairs layout was different and was done by Narottambhai whom we are thankful.

The programme started with the chanting of Navkar Mantra, and a two-minute silence for those who are ill, those who have departed us and for the unity and world peace.

Kishorebhai our chairman gave his message of goodwill and announced about all the future programmes in East Area. Requested members to take part and participate wherever they can.

He also announced the Swami Vatsalya Bhojan had no sponsor so the main cost was only the ingredients of the food which the committee decided to share the cost equally by all members i.e. Kishorbhai, Ashvinbhai, Lalitaben, Lataben, Nandlalbhai, Narrottambhai, Bhartiben and Babubhai.

Also, Kishorebhai thanked all the committee members for working so hard and thanked all the volunteers who have helped during the year.

Then there was a program by the children who mentioned about why the Jain celebrate Diwali? And the importance of Diwali with the nirvana of Mahavir Swami. Afterwards, there was a play about Diwali, followed by a diva dance. It was all so nice and the public applauded with a lot of cheers.

Many thanks go to Avniben to organise the program in a very short time with the help of Thursday Club members and a few children. It was disappointing that the children are not taking part.

Children are our future and we need support from the parents to bring forward their children to take part in programmes. I think the children would love to come and participate and please do not take away their freedom. Parents should encourage the children to come to our Oshwal functions.

Suresh Manekchand Shah from North East London gifted the children with cash.

Afterwards, there was a hot dinner of Idli sambhar, Gulab Jamun, Gathiya and cabbage sambar which was a threat to the young generation and everyone enjoyed the meal which was very tasty.

Many thanks to Jayvantiben, Madhuben, Chandanben, Kapoorbhai and Kishorebhai for cooking the Diwali meal and many thanks to Jaywantiben Kapoorbhai for using their house to cook the Diwali meal.

There was a donation box kept for those who wanted to donate to the OAUK towards the cost of today’s expenses and many many thanks to all those who donated.
Then the members had a lot of time to talk to each other and no one wanted to go home. The caretaker of the hall came in and had to disperse the crowd.
Everyone went home happy and smile on their face.
Another successful programme by the East.



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