Michami Dukhdam to All

The Paryushan Parva has started and we are celebrating it at Canon Palmer Academy, Aldborough Road South, Ilford, Essex. IG3 8EU and hope you all to come in and take part every day.

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To download East Area Paryushan Timetable – English version & Gujarati version.

Day 1 – Thu 6th Sept 2018

On the first day and we did Pratikaman, Bhavna, Aarti and Mangaldivo. Everyone enjoyed and the atmosphere is so good during the Paryushan.

Day 2 – Fri 7th Sept 2018

On the second day, Jayeshbhai conducted the Pratikaman. After that, he gave a lecture on the meaning of Paryushan and what the Jains should observe during Paryushan. Bharti thanked Jayeshbhai and being his birthday East area members sang happy birthday. Today on the Birthday of Jayeshbhai we got the opportunity to perform the Aarti and Mangaldivo with him.

Day 3 – Sat 8th Sept 2018

Third day of Paryushan was the Choth Pratikraman and after that was Maharaj Saheb’s vachan, and the children’s program.

Started with talk by Aarav and Anya regarding their voluntary work experience in schools with Veerayatan, in Kutch and Palitana. Then was the navkar mantra by 6 and 7 years old Ayana and Maisha for their first time in public. Ayushi chanted the manglik, 24 Tirthankar Dhoon and sang few stavans. Our area youngsters are ready to to a bhakti program. After that we had Aarti and Mangal Divo. Was well attended and everyone enjoyed with garba and dandiya in the end.

Day 4 – Sun 9th Sept 2018

The fourth day of Paryushan started with Pratikraman, Maharajsheb Vanchan, and bhakti by ladies. It was a beautiful atmosphere and everyone engrossed in Bhakti, Then we had Aarti and Mangal Divo. Everyone is enjoying the paryushan festival.

Day 5 – Mon 10th Sept 2018


The fifth day of paryushan started with Pratikraman, and then Kishorbhai read the Kalpasutra vachan. After vachan, the 14 Swapna’s bidding was done by Chandubhai and all were prayed for by individual families. Parna ma Shreefal Padhavanu was performed, Parnu Julavanu, Aarti and Mangal Divo. It was a joyous occasion and everyone went home with prabhavna of penda by the Shree Sangh

Day 6 – Tue 11th Sept 2018


Sixth day of paryushan started with the ponkhda of the Mahavir Swami Parnu at the hall, pratikraman, Vanchan and then bhakti by the ladies. Thereafter was the Samuh Aarti and Mangal Divo. The festival has only two days left and everyone enjoying. Satta to all the tapasvi from the sangh.

Day 7 – Wed 12th Sept 2018


The seventh day started with Pratikraman, Vanchan, and Bhakti Bhavna. The members from EC Tusharbhai, Hemini, and Ashwinbhai paid a visit and were welcomed by east area. Tusharbhai gave his message to the public. The bahuman of 3 tapasvi present was done, and one not present will be done tomorrow.

We have 4 tapasvi.

  • Mrs Manjulaben Amritlal Haria 8 Upvas
  • Mr Rupen Dhirajlal Malde 6 Upvas
  • Mr Hiten Ramniklal Shah 6 Upvas
  • Mr Hinesh Ramniklal Shah 6 Upvas

Bahuman was done by the committee with the EC members.

Thereafter the Aarti and Mangal Divo was performed, and afterwords all members came to khamava tapasvi.

The day ended joyously with one day left of the paryushan.

Day 8 – Thu 13th Sept 2018


It’s the last day of Paryushan started with Samvatsari Pratikraman, with a large devotees present. “Man Vachan Kaya Thi Sarvene Mara Michami Dukkadam”.

Followed by Vachan and Bhakti Bhavna by the ladies.

Bahuman of Hiten was done by our elders Jethabhai and Veljibhai. Bhartiben gave her speech thanking everyone who helped during the paryushan followed by a speech by our Chairman Kishore Bhai Lalji Haria.

The public did the satta and Michhami Dukkadam to everyone. All looking very happy.

Aarti and Mangal Divo was taken ( Both for east area member RUPESH NAVIN SHAH who did Athai in ‘CHICAGO’ America)

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