East Area regular activities

Daal Roti with Bingo

Our second monthly event was Dal Roti with BINGO.  We were lucky to have enough members to join the monthly events with a fixed fee and want more to join in.

The event was held at St. Albans Church Hall (Ilford) on Sat, 21st May and delicious daal, hot roti and salad was served.

Everyone played Bingo and enjoyed the game.  I think we should hold this more often. The program ended at 10.00pm.

All went home happily with big smile on everyone’s face.

Whist Drive with Dinner

East Area third monthly program was Whist Drive with dinner at St Albans Church Hall , Ilford on Saturday June 25th, 2016.

We started with a  prayer to respect all have who passed away and departed from our area

Everyone had a delicious meal of debra,  potato curry, salad and yogurt milk  and than we started the whist drive. We had enough members to take part  and everyone enjoyed the game with good laughter.

The event finished at 10.00pm.