East Area Remembrance Day Jan 2020 (English)


East area held a Remembrance Day on Saturday at St. Johns Church Hall on 26th January 2020 at 7.00 pm. It was a dream of our chairman Kishorbhai that we should organise a programme to remember our elders who have departed us and celebrate their life.

As the hall opened we had the members started coming to the hall and a good number turned up. They were all so happy to celebrate the lives of their dearest ones who have departed us forever. Many youngsters also turned up on the day. The aim was to bring the dearest passed away in the UK in the East area and the members can say something about their loved one.
Many brought the photographs of their dearest one.

The programme started with the prayers of Navkar Jaap which was chanted 12 times. Our chairman gave his message and also mentioned to the members that the present committee term is coming to an end and mentioned to come to the AGM for elections on 28th March 2020 for the elections.

As we wanted the programme to start as early as possible, we asked the members to have their dinner first. It was a full dish made up of Ladoo, two curries, puri, farsan, salad, dal-bhat and chass. The dinner was so tasty and was made by Jaywantiben and the group. Their wish was to donate the dinner in memory of their parents Devraj Dharamshi Savla and mum Vejiben.

East area thanks Jaywantiben and Kapoorbhai and their family for donating the food and also for helping in the kitchen, serving food, chaas to the public. This way all was done so quickly and everyone had a good tasty meal. All enjoyed the meal.

Then the main program started with again chanting of Navkar Mantra and Hon. Chairman gave his message and then gave the floor to Bhartiben to carry on the programme, so Bhartiben welcomed everyone and our guest Puspaben Jayantilal shah who had come from the North East Area.

She asked those who brought photographs to come forward and stand next to the photographs of their loved ones and to light the candles, keeping in mind for fire safety. This way there is no rush and no confusion.
After a Stavan everyone was asked to light the candles and pray to their elders. Some had tears in their eyes and some were sad to lose their loved ones. Then more Stavans, poems and talks were given by members and this was very well received by the members. By this, we remembered all our elders who have given a lot to the Oshwal community.

Then Puspaben Shah, our guest from North East, gave a speech and praised the East area to be the first area to organise such programmes of Remembrance Day, at an area level. She also mentioned to come and support the North East Area on their Remembrance Day which is held every year at the Oshwal centre.

The programme ended with a few Stavans sung with the public and the last song of Maa Baap Ne Bhulasho Nahi, and the programme ended.

All the members helped to put the chairs and tables away and wind up the hall. All went home with a memory in their mind.

In my opinion, this was a very successful programme and every area should definitely try to organise this type of programme so that they can remember their loved ones.

More photos form the event can be viewed here.

Report by Babubhai Devji Shah.