East Area’s Bingo Night

East Area celebrates celebrated its monthly event with Bingo

On Saturday 25th February East area’s regular monthly programme at St. Albans Church Hall was attended with many members and the event started with a prayer. After the prayers, the  members  mingled with each other and hot meal was served. The delicious meal was two curries, hot chapati, Salad, and  chaas.

Potato curry was prepared by Chandanben, chora saak (JAIN) prepared by Babubhai, Salad prepared by Bhartiben and Chaas was prepared by Lalitaben, Chapati were made at the hall by ladies.

Everyone were happy and we played game of Bingo. There were many winners and the winners are Nandlal Bhai, Rasikbhai, Vasantiben, Chandanben and Mahendrabhai.
We finished the programme at 10.00pm and everyone enjoyed so much. Please attend your regular monthly programmes and support your area.

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