East goes for a picnic


Ii reminds me that 2018 started with cold  and severe weather.  Also if I may  remind you of “BEAST FROM EAST”  and we had unexpected snowfall and severe weather in Spring.

This April was a record breaking hot weather in UK since 1949. And with this soaring temperature East decided to go for a picnic.

It was a last minute decision so we informed the members  by word of mouth and to ask their neighbours and relations to let them know about the picnic.

We met at the Valentines Park in Ilford on Sunday 22nd April at 1.00pm with bring a dish. We had a good turnout and we had a  delicious lunch. After lunch everyone had a chit chat and some went for  long walks. Few played Antakshari.

It was a great picnic on Sunday enjoyed by all.

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