Easter Egg Hunt 2017!

A Message to all Oshwal Children attending the Easter Egg Hunt.

“To find your Easter bunny you have to enter the maze, before you look in the buckets you need to work out the rhyming clues, don’t worry if you can’t get it right because there are many clues to be solved.

I have a face and my one hand is longer than the other and they number me 1 to 12!

When you get tired you need a rest, rest your head on a soft ……..!

These things lie around on the floor, it rhymes with slug, and you can wipe your feet on a ……!

After the maze enter the room to decorate your Easter basket, because the best one wins a prize!

The fun doesn’t stop there, have your face painted and join the hit the piñata queue.

Time to rest after all that fun, mummies and daddies, Dadas and Dadi’s , Nanas and Nani’s who all came to help, need to sit down too.

After blowing a candle for one year old MAYA’s birthday celebration, you can have chips, pizza, pasta and all things yummy that mummy says will make her crazy!!!!!!

Time is 5 o’clock and sadly we have to say BYE but don’t worry you are welcome back any time.

Don’t forget your Easter egg on your way out.

Thank-you for attending see you next time.

From Oshwal West Area Committee.”




Thank-you to All volunteers (OVER 12s) who went the extra mile for us.

Special Thanks to Dipti Rakesh Shah for the donation of the Easter Bunnies, Neruben and Ashwinbhai for the Birthday Cake, Anitaben and Chimanbhai for donation of the food.

This event was budgeted under the £120 scheme, but fortunately everything was donated by DONORS (including prizes, and Fairy Cakes), thank-you to them all.

Special mention NEHA SHAH our resident artist and the members who helped her to paint the faces of the little ones.

For more photos of the event click here