Taking part in arts helps develop motor skills and stimulates the brain. Studies have shown that it helps in lowering the risk of developing dementia”.

The Ekta arts and crafts club has been running since January 2017. It is held on Monday afternoons between 1-3pm after the morning yoga sessions.

Under Bijalben Shah’s expert guidance we have worked in a number of different mediums – pencil sketching, watercolour, acrylic, bleach and ink, and the core group of 15 to 20 participants have come a long way from when they first started. Also, there are two elderly ladies in their 80’s who eagerly await the Monday sessions and are thrilled with the progress they have made in their colouring.

Having had barely any schooling, when at first, they could barely hold a pencil, now they have become confident artists!

Recently Raxaben taught us the art of zen doodling (using doodled patterns to create a recognisable object or an abstract picture) and zen tangle (the art of creating a beautiful image from a series of repetitive patterns), which is a great way of relaxing using just a rollerball pen and paper and can be done anywhere.

The craft activities have also included knitting and crochet where some complete novices have made hats, scarves, cardigans, slippers, blankets etc. Other craft activities have included making paper flowers, gift cards, birthday cards, colouring pots, and fruit carving. Such activities are led by members who have the relevant expertise in the field and want to share their knowledge.

We have also had discussions on upcycling, reducing plastic waste and how to make the world a better place for future generations.

It is open to all (just £1 for Oshwal members) and is a fun and creative way to meet up with like-minded people and learn new skills.

Please come and support the group, and if there is any activity you wish to share then please let us know.

For further details Contact:-

  • Bijalben Shah – 07887 390772
  • Minaben Shah – 07904 728870

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