GCSE Gujarati Results 2019-2020

North Area Gujarati School

  • Aryan Makan 6
  • Bani Dhanki 7
  • Diyan Halai 8
  • Nishi Raghvani 8
  • Prem Pankhania 5
  • Roshni Shah 6
  • Ankit Shah 6

South Area Gujarati School

  • Anish Shah 8
  • Shreya Patel 7

Gujarati GCSE Examinations have been taken over by Pearsons Edexcel Board. Also the grading is now no longer as before. In addition to these, the lockdown and 5 months closure of the schools, made it very difficult for those candidates sitting for the exams and the assessment to be carried out directed by the board. However, our schools managed this extremely well. The grades achieved are excellent, considered the circumstances. All in all 9 students achieved GCSE in Gujarati, equivalent to 3A*, 2As, 3Bs and 1C. As the examination is now in two tiers, the 5 grade is actually the highest grade in the lower tier.

So well done! Congratulations to all our students.