Health Talk by Dr Mistry

Dr C D Mistry’s Talk
Saturday 20th May 2017

At our monthly fun club Northants area had the pleasure of holding a talk by Dr Mistry (Bsc. Pharm, N.D., DHph, fellow on Bloh) who is an experienced herbalist, homeopath and nutritionist.  He has has developed over 100 products and is constantly developing his knowledge through courses, research and discussions with others in his and related fields. He has won a number of awards for his work.  All products come from natural and organic sources where possible.  Dr. Mistry spends much time researching and developing his products as well as giving free consultations to his patients every Friday (in Luton) and Saturday (in Hampstead).

The talk focused on 4 main areas (1) healthy diet, (2) diabetes, (3) Blood pressure (4) IBS.  The doctor explained at great lengths the benefits of healthy diet and how that in turn can assist in controlling the likes of diabetes, blood pressure and IBS.  He explained what a healthy diet should include.  He then went on to explain how and which herbal remedies can be used to help ease/control the above ailments.  The talk was well received by our members and the general feedback was that talks like this aid in alerting us to the alternative remedies available and also very useful in gaining further knowledge and exposure on some of these common ailments.