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Thank you for purchasing your ticket(s) for our OAUK Health and Wellbeing Fair.

With six zones dedicated to health education, activities and screenings, there’s something for everyone.

Please book/register your interest for the free activities and classes below!

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10:00 Bitesize Talks: Prostate Cancer, Organ Donation & Diabetes

11:00 The Importance of Good Gut Health

12:00 Balance and Ageing: Preventing Falls

13:00 Power of the Subconscious Mind

14:00 Carer Support & Care Options

15:00 Autism, ADHD & Neurodiversity

[Online booking has now closed. On-the-day bookings will be available]

Register your interest below

10:00 Pilates

11:00 Garba-Fit

12:00 Meditation & Mindful Movement

13:00 Let’s Get Physical

14:00 Yoga Dynamix

15:00 Bollywood Keep Fit

[Online booking has now closed. On-the-day bookings will be available]

Pre-booking will be required
Taster sessions will be running all-day

Acupressure (Fully Booked)

Reflexology (Fully Booked)

Massage (Fully Booked)


Pranic Healing

Master Sha Tao Healing Therapy

Terahertz Frequency Healing

Pre-booking will be required
Sessions will be running all-day

Elderly Falls Assessment & Memory Test

Ear Examination (Fully Booked)

CPR Training

Pre-booking will be required

Off-site Trek (One hour)

Gentle Guided Walk (30-minutes)

[Online booking has now closed. On-the-day bookings will be available]

No pre-booking required

Aarti every hour from 10am – 2pm

Samuh Bhakti

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