How I kept going being a vegan

By Mihir Shah

I have now been vegan for just over two years and prior to this I was vegetarian my entire life. When I was a vegetarian I enjoyed things like cheese, chocolate, eggs and so on.

I became vegan after seeing the horrific videos about the way animals are treated and in my view, regarded as disposable. There is no thought given to the feelings of other beings and it was really heart breaking to see these wonderful animals just being killed and mistreated for our selfish human needs. I recommend watching Earthlings and Cowspiracy! Most importantly, I recommend reading “The China Study”, I cannot recommend this enough!

Everywhere you go, there are non-vegan foods in your face. Whether it is a team mate at work bringing in donuts, chocolates or biscuits. If I think back to the videos I have watched and think about what is the right thing to do, then these things don’t appeal to me the slightest. If I am going to a restaurant with friends, I will review their menu before hand and see if I can ask them to make me something vegan-friendly. Most places are accommodating. Even if I had to eat before hand and have a small snack at the restaurant, I would be so happy doing that then some animals undergoing the suffering they do just to feed me!

On the plus side, there are more and more vegan restaurants/cafes opening up, more and more vegan products are coming on the supermarket shelves and there are really friendly people in the vegan groups who are very creative and enjoy sharing recipes, ideas and the like.

I have also noticed that my digestion has improved, I don’t miss any particular foods now, I am in generally good shape and at one point, when eating very healthy, became stronger in the gym than ever before when I was non-vegan!

I will never go back to eating dairy again! I am very proud of what I have achieved and hope that others can do the same. I came across a video on YouTube which is now on my Facebook page called “10 reasons to go Vegan” which tells us that by going vegan, you can spare around 198 lives a year.

Please note this article is based on the author’s recommendations and not OAUK.

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