International Women’s Day 2019

International women’s day was celebrated at Ekta Centre on 23/03/2019, especially dedicated to all women to appreciate tremendous efforts and the presence of a woman has such a strong impact in everyone’s life. Not only are women incredible humans they also have so many different abilities, a sixth sense, express feelings of care, affection, endless and overwhelming love, endlessly multitask juggling anything life throws towards them – hormone related issues, giving birth, raising children, raising grandchildren, looking after a home and husband, parents & in laws, considering all the extended family, remembering everyone’s birthdays, having a career and on top of that maintaining a social life. I’m sure you’ll all agree none of these tasks are simple and yet ladies manage by being superwomen.

H&W team had arranged fine dining experience with Mojito as welcome drink and Italian Dinner prepared and cooked by our chefs on site and all 3 courses were enjoyed by all.

Invited Speakers
Chandrikaben Malde – “Constant Source of Inspiration”
She was born in Nairobi and was amongst one of the first 10 oshwal ladies to come to the UK to further their studies in 1960. She’s the first Kenyan Asian resident to qualify as an Occupational Therapist. She loves playing bridge, reading books and walking as well as being the first Oshwal lady to run the London Marathon in 1994.
Chandrikaben shared her ups and downs of early days in U.K. and shared her inspiring tale of her journey, truly remarkable.

Sonali Shah – “The Future of Modern World”
She is well known public figure, you may recognize her as she has presented some of the high level programs on TV, like Escape to the Country, Newsround and Olympics. She has also been live on the BBC to speak about the most famous lady in the country… the Queen.
Sonali spoke about undervalued women in our lives, who help us manage and support our young family and without this network it is very difficult to juggle home, careers and social life.

The IWD event was entertained by Nituben and her band and as ever she created wonderful ambiance and she is passionate about little things in life. She herself inspires all with her amazing qualities and sharing happiness.

Big thank you to Vimalbhai Devchand for cinematography, truly a gem also willing to assist us.

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