Jain Pathsala New Sutras


This evening 8.30pm to 10.00pm we saw our 4th Jain Pathshala class at Oshwal Centre as we knew more people will be coming. The class was taught by Jayeshbhai Shah in Gujarati with English written translation. Today we learnt three Sutras.


Sins are destroyed in The Iriyavahiyan sutra, but in this sutra, further efforts are made for purifying the mind.

  • Tassa uttari-karanenam
  • Payachchhitta-Karanenam
  • Visohikaranenam
  • Visalli-karanenam
  • Pavanam Kammana
  • Nigghayanatthae,
  • Thami Kaussaggam.

Making an additional effort, to repent, to cleanse the soul by extracting sins out of myself, I stand in body-abandonment posture (Kaussag). I am also resorting to the path of right faith, knowledge and conduct to prevent any further sins. I am trying to eliminate all sins from my soul so they can never return


  • Annattha Usasienam
  • Nisasienam, Khasienam,
  • Chhienam, Jambhaienam,
  • Udduenam, Vayanisaggenam,
  • Bhamalie, Pittamuchchhae.

With the exception of inhaling and exhaling, coughing and sneezing, yawning and hiccoughing, passing wind, giddiness, and swooning.

  • Suhumehim Anga Sanchalehim,
  • Suhumehim Khela Sanchalehim,
  • Suhumehim Ditthisanchalehim.

Very slight movement of the body, swallowing of the saliva or phlegm and subtle movement of the eyes.

  • Evamaiehim Agarehim,
  • Abhaggo Avirahio,
  • Hujja me kaussaggo.

Apart from these these and other involuntary movements,( total of 16) may my Kaussag be unbroken.

  • Java Arihantanam Bhagavantanam,
  • Namukkarenam Na Paremi.
  • Tava Kayam, Thanenam Monenam,
  • Jhanenam Appanam Vosirami

Until I have completed the recitation of the Navkar Mantra or Logassa and say ‘Namo Arihantanam’ to come out of Kaussag, I shall cast aside my body in the standing position, in silence and in meditation.


This is a sutra praising the 24 Tirthankaras of the present cycle. The Sutra is full of mantras, tantras and yantras

  • Logassa ujjoagare,
  • Dhammatitthayare Jine,
  • Arihante Kittaissam,
  • Chauvisampi kevali.

I praise the twenty-four Jinas, the illuminators of the entire Universe, the conquerors of attachment and aversion, the bearers of perfect knowledge.

  • Usabha-Majiam cha vande,
  • Sambhava Mabhinandanam cha Sumaim cha.
  • Paumappaham supasam,
  • Jinam cha Chandappaham vande.

I bow to Rushabhdeva, Ajitnatha, Sambhavanatha, Abhinandana Swami, Sumatinatha, Padmaprabhu, Suparshvanatha Swami, and Chandraprabha Swami.

  • Suvihim cha Puphadantam,
  • Siala Sijjansa Vasupujjam cha;
  • Vimalamanantam cha Jinam,
  • Dhammam Santim cha Vandami.

I bow to Pushpadanta (Suvidhinatha), Shitalnatha, Shreyansnatha, Vasupujya, Vimalnatha, Anantnatha, Dharamnatha and Shantinatha.

  • Kunthum Aram cha Mallim,
  • Vande Muni-suvvayam Nami-jinam cha;
  • Vandami rittha-nemim,
  • Pasam taha Vaddhamanam cha.

I bow to Kunthunatha, Aranatha, Mallinatha, Munisuvarata Swami, Naminatha, Neminatha (Arishtanemi), Parshvanatha and Mahavira Swami.

  • Evam mae Abhithua,
  • Vihuyara-yamala Pahina-Jara-marana
  • Chauvisampi Jinavara,
  • Titthayara me pasiyantu.

Thus I have praised the twenty-four Jinas who have shaken off impurities and defilements and eliminated old age and death once for all; may they be pleased with me.

  • Kittiya-Vandiya-Mahiya
  • Je e Logassa Uttama Siddha
  • Arugga-bohilabham,
  • Samahi-Varamuttamam Dintu.

May they, the Siddhas, the noblest of all beings, give me enlightenment and tranquility and final release, they who have been praised and worshiped and are the supreme perfect souls (siddhas) in the Universe, for betterment of my soul grant me the right faith and the purest form of meditation

  • Chandesu Nimmala yara,
  • Aichchesu Ahiyam Payasayara;
  • Sagaravara Gambhira, Siddha Siddhim Mama Disantu.

Purer than the moons, more radiant than the suns, and profound as the oceans, may the Siddhas grant me final release.


First give two Khamasana. Then say Icchakar Sutra. Then give another Khamasana. Then say Abbhutio Sutra. Then give one more khamasana.

Jayeshbhai also prepared a quiz which recapped over four sessions (including todays) and there were also stavans involved. We where we were split up in two groups with 1 being called ‘Darshan’ and other called ‘Gnan’.

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