On Saturday 28th July 2018 West Area had organised Kathiyawadi night. The evening started with all guests sitting to be served in the traditional KATHIA way, by men in SAFAS. With traditional menu of KHICHRI, KADDHI, ROTLA, SEV-TOMATOE SHAAK, AUBERGINE POTATOE SHAK, ROTLI, CHAS and Gulab Jamboo for a sweet dish.

The guests enjoyed their meal in the surroundings of the traditionally decorated hall.

Once the Vijay Gadhvi’s band started playing the traditional Gujarati songs the smiles on people’s faces started to get broader with the familiar old folk songs and the jokes being directed at the band and the public in general. There were a few embarrassing moments for husbands and wives when the DAIRO was directed at them, fortunately all had a good laugh.

While tea and homemade biscuits were served chairs were put to the side of the hall and DANDYAS were given to all. The band played an amazing melody for all to do the RAAS, young and young at heart joined in, and of course no evening is ended without the finale of YEH DOSTI, where all stood up and joined hands for the melody.

A special thank-you goes to all the volunteers who have donated their time days before the event, during the event and after the event too for cleaning.

Thank-you to Anil and Neeta Haria for the use of the decorations, thank-you to Jyoti Jaysukh Shah for the lovely homemade biscuits.

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