Late Dhirajlal Pethraj Nagda,

Late Dhirajlal Nagda son of Late Pethrajbhai & Late Padmaben

19th March 1930 – 23rd May 2020

Born in Nairobi, moved to North Finchley London 1972

He had a very simple life followed on Mahatma Gandhi’s Principles of Honesty and not to cause any inconvenience to anyone. Also a great believer in Jalaram Bapa

It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the death of Dhirajlal Pethraj Nagda, Gaam Chela

He was a beloved husband of Kasturben

Father & Father-in- law to Pradip & Naina, Nilesh & Harsha, Manisha & Kozo.

Cherished dada to Khilan, Ameera & (Tom), Sagar, Miren and Sonal

He was brother and brother-in law to: Late Raichandbhai & (Late Jamnaben),

 Late Somchandbhai & (Late Maniben), Late Amratben, Santaben & (Late Veljibhai),

Late Motiben & (Late Bhagwanjibhai), Late Keshubhai

 & (Late Jayaben).

Son in Law to Late Meghji Tejshi & Late Amratben.

Brother in Law to Liladharbhai & Santuben, Late Sobhagbhai & Manjuben, Jayantibhai & Hansaben, Maniben & (Late Laljibhai), Late Champaben & Late Amratlalbhai, Jyotiben & Pravinbhai.

Bapuji will be missed by all, for his kind caring nature and welcoming all.

Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti

Please send your condolences on:

Virtual Prathna Sabha at 20:00 pm 24th May 2020



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